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                 PATRICK O'CONNOR


Self-taught watercolor and abstract artist Patrick J. O’Connor’s passion for painting ignited from an experience as a young child in Ithaca, NY. At age 13, Patrick happened upon an art gallery window that featured a watercolor demonstration. His youthful curiosity and imagination drew him into the gallery to discover the artistic elements that continue to inspire his work today.

It would be difficult to place O'Connor in a specific category of artist.  Patrick began his career as a landscape watercolor artist in the 1970's.  Fast forward three decades where Patrick has developed his skills introducing acrylics and acrylic ink to his tool kit. Painting on surfaces such as canvas, hot pressed paper, cold pressed watercolor paper and board, Patrick developed a passion for the abstract.  Using broad washes and dry brushing while adding and cutting the paint to reveal the direction of the work, he embellishes on the element of surprise.  These works "push" the reality of color to bring you closer to experiencing the way he responds to the world around him. 


In April of 2019 Patrick moved across the country to San Diego where his paintings were inspired by the vastness, beauty, and power of the cities, ocean and sun. While living on the West Coast, Patrick was able to focus solely on his art for a 2 year period developing new skills that are now applied to his current works.  In September of 2021, Patrick moved back to New York and is blessed to be living on Cayuga Lake in the wonderful city of Ithaca where his breathtaking surroundings are currently inspiring his newest paintings.

"I feel that art, in any form, is the solitary instrument that keeps us civilized and separates humans from an innately animal existence." ~Patrick O'Connor

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