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                 PATRICK O'CONNOR


Self-taught artist Patrick J. O'Connor's journey into the world of watercolor and abstract painting began with a childhood experience in Ithaca, NY. At the tender age of 13, he stumbled upon an art gallery window displaying a watercolor demonstration. Fueled by youthful curiosity and boundless imagination, he was drawn into the gallery, setting in motion an enduring artistic inspiration that continues to shape his work.

Categorizing O'Connor's artistry proves challenging, as it has evolved over the years. He initiated his career as a landscape watercolor artist in the 1970s. Fast forward five decades, and Patrick expanded his creative toolkit to include acrylics, oils and ink. Embracing various surfaces he kindled a deep passion for abstract art. Employing sweeping washes, dry brushing techniques, and a playful interplay of adding and subtracting paint, he adds an element of surprise to his creations. These works extend the boundaries of color, offering viewers an intimate glimpse into how he perceives the world around him.

In April of 2019, Patrick embarked on a cross-country journey to San Diego, where the expansive vistas, coastal beauty, and the sun's radiant power ignited fresh inspiration for his art. His time on the West Coast allowed him to dedicate two full years to his craft, honing new skills that now infuse his current works. In September of 2021, Patrick returned to his roots in New York and found himself fortunate to reside on the picturesque shores of Cayuga Lake in the enchanting city of Ithaca, which now serves as the wellspring for his most recent creations.

As Patrick himself eloquently puts it, "I feel that art, in any form, is the solitary instrument that keeps us civilized and separates humans from an innately animal existence." ~Patrick O'Connor

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