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The idea of Cards From Home originated when my son was deployed overseas.  His mother wanted to send him something that truly represented his home and all he, and his comrades are fighting for.  I  knew by painting a card, something truly personal, and adding words that come straight from your heart as only a mother can do, we could send him a tangible piece of home expressing how much we love him and are proud of him.  Now, in the most beautiful of circumstances, Cards From Home have taken on a deeper meaning. MacKenzie, my daughter, is now miles apart from us and her only request of me are cards painted with her in mind.  MacKenzie wants art that is personally made for her that she can keep forever.  As it turns out, it is the best way for me to express my love to her.  I think about how, in the future, our children and their children will take these paintings out of their frames and read the most beautifully timestamped note written with pure love.  

Have YOUR sacred place painted into an original 5x7 watercolor.

$75.00 per landscape, seascape or cityscape.  Send your images via the contact page.